The God-King and his Make America White Again allies have shut down the federal government. (More)

“A core difference between the two parties”

Predictably, the Outhouse Sewer Spewer blamed Democrats for the government shutdown that began at 12:01 this morning:

“We will not negotiate the status of unlawful immigrants while Democrats hold our lawful citizens hostage over their reckless demands,” White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said in a statement. “This is the behavior of obstructionist losers, not legislators. When Democrats start paying our armed forces and first responders we will reopen negotiations on immigration reform.”

Pretty much every word after “We will not negotiate” was a lie. Democrats’ demands to fund the Children’s Health Insurance Program and codify DACA protections are hardly “reckless.” Polls show that 62% of Americans consider CHIP funding a “top priority” and 86% of Americans support DACA. And the shutdown doesn’t affect the military, first responders, or other “essential agencies. So, literally, every word after “We will not negotiate” was a lie.

And, sadly, “We will not negotiate” is exactly what GOP voters like to hear, as CNBC’s John Harwood explains:

In other words, Republicans in 2011 and 2013 withheld votes in pursuit of goals that were divisive, partisan and quixotic. Democrats are withholding votes now in pursuit of popular goals embraced by both parties.

That reflects a core difference between the two parties. Overwhelmingly reliant on white voters, Republicans are more homogenous and ideologically zealous. Democrats are more diverse and interested in compromise.

The rank-and-file in both parties like it that way. In a 2014 NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll that followed the Obama-era crises, Democrats said by 62 percent to 32 percent they preferred congressional candidates who would compromise. By 54 percent to 38 percent, Republicans preferred candidates who would stick to their positions.

It’s not even as if Democrats are asking for ‘new’ policies, Talking Points Memo’s Josh Marshall emphasizes:

What all of this comes down to is that reality and logic conspire with ideology and party brand to ensure that Republicans will get the lion’s share of the blame for a shutdown. They’ll get the blame because it’s their doing.
It’s worth noting before I conclude just what this is even about. The Democrats want two things: a resolution of the Dreamers issue and a reinstatement of CHIP. These are not new demands for programs. They were things that existed and then President Trump broke them. In the case of CHIP, it just didn’t get done. There was no positive argument for killing CHIP or resistance to the program. It was simply allowed to expire. Once it expired, Republicans started demanding things in exchange to bring it back. Trump definitely ran against DACA. But he broke it and has been all over the map in saying he either wants it back or doesn’t. Basically, he wants more concessions to create permanent protections for these young people.

At the end of the day, it’s the same practice of legislative hostage-taking practiced by the GOP and President Trump. In this case, it’s combined with the chaos and incompetence which is the calling card of Trump-Era Capitol Hill. These are key things that the Democrats need to happen. If the GOP can’t even keep the government open on their own and need the help of the Democrats who have no power at all, they need to resolve these issues. Again, shutdowns are part of the Republican brand – and for good reason. This isn’t complicated.

And yet … the New York Times blamed Senate Democrats:

They’re probably sure Hillary Clinton’s emails had something to do with it, somehow.

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer even offered a deal that included funding for the God-King’s precious wall:

Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer (D-NY) said early Saturday that he agreed to discuss the U.S.-Mexico border wall as part of negotiations with President Trump, but wasn’t able to win him over.

“During the meeting, in exchange for strong DACA protections, I reluctantly put the border wall on the table for the discussion. Even that was not enough to entice the president to finish the deal,” Schumer said from the Senate floor.

He thought they had the outlines of a deal, but yet again the raging racists of the Make America White Again Caucus killed it:

As the evening wore on, Mr. Schumer got a call from Mr. Kelly that dashed all hopes for a Trump-Schumer deal before the shutdown deadline of midnight. Mr. Kelly, a hard-liner on immigration, the person familiar with the call said, outlined a long list of White House objections to the deal.

Heather “Digby” Parton explains the core issue: Republican hardliners hate brown immigrants:

They had more than one bipartisan deal on the table that could have passed both houses. Trump said no. The government is now shut down. Mitch McConnell couldn’t even muster 50 GOP votes much less the addition ten Democrats he needed to break the filibuster. Only essential workers will be working until this is ended. And who knows when that will be?

He didn’t understand the deal and is clearly being led around by the nose by the hardliners. But he also only cares about his base. Maybe it’s time that we recognize and deal with the fact that they want him to deport the DREAMers and ban Muslims and throw black people in jail.

That’s the kind of people they are. He knows this. They want a white America. That’s what this is about.

Maybe it’s time to recognize that Trump’s racist, xenophobic agenda is for real and he has a party that’s ready to help him implement it.

And the Post’s Sean Sullivan and Ed O’Keefe say GOP leaders are recognizing that … and falling in line:

Amid the chaos and confusion of Capitol Hill this week, one prevailing trend emerged: Republican leaders are embracing the party’s hard-line position on illegal immigration.

While the battle over spending continues, GOP lawmakers have chosen to align with the conservative posture that took root in the party with President Trump, a development that is causing consternation among some Republican dissenters.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (KY) and other GOP lawmakers repeatedly cast the spending fight as Democrats displaying more loyalty to undocumented immigrants than Americans — a wager that the nativist leanings that propelled Trump to power will energize their political base in this year’s midterm elections.

It’s gone beyond immigration. Increasingly, conservative ‘thinkers’ don’t think brown people are Real Americans™:

On Thursday’s Tucker Carlson Tonight, the political commentator focused on one of the issues threatening to shut down the government: immigration. One of his guests ended up arguing that children of Hispanic heritage born in the United States are not American.

Author, columnist, and “actual thinker” (in Carlson’s words) Mark Steyn conceded that immigration could have economic benefits, but that they are outweighed by the “cultural transformation” America is undergoing as a result. One example of this so-called transformation, Steyn said, is that “the majority of grade-school children in Arizona now are Hispanic.”

“That means, in effect, the border has moved north,” Steyn, who is Canadian, said.

But most of the Hispanic-American children in Arizona were born there and many come from families who lived in the area before the U.S. seized that land in the Mexican-American War. They are more “American” than most of the white people whose ancestors reached here decades later. Indeed anti-immigrant racist Joe Arpaio is ‘only’ a second-generation American.

That’s the level of white supremacist ugliness driving the God-King, as the Post’s Jennifer Rubin reports:

Trump said he’d take any bipartisan deal to fix the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, but when given just such a deal, he blew up and lashed out at “shithole” countries. His insistence on the very unpopular wall contrasts with the overwhelming bipartisan support the “dreamers” have around the country. The perception that the president is erratic, unhelpful and maybe not following what’s going on also contributes to the sense that he’s to blame. And he is, of course, erratic, unhelpful and not following along, and therefore has contributed more than any other player to the chaos.

That level of lunacy helps explain why Senate Republicans couldn’t even get 51 votes for their hardline bill, even though five Senate Democrats crossed the aisle.

This is not the #SchumerShutdown being pushed by the White House and Russian bots. It’s the #ShitholeShutdown, and it was created entirely by the God-King and racist Republicans:

Taken in its entirety, the “shithole shutdown” is the perfect encapsulation of governance in the Trump era: dysfunction and chaos driven by anger and fear toward America’s changing demographics, and the congressional GOP’s cowardly acquiescence to Trump’s ever-shifting demands.

Again, polls show that Americans recognize that. The question is whether public opinion will push the God-King and Republicans to make a deal.


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