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Today the God-King tried to weasel out of his racist “shithole countries” remarks, even as Outhouse aides “took a victory lap” boasting about it and lots of wingnuts celebrated his “straight talk.” But several people in the meeting confirmed the God-King’s hateful quote and Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) said he confronted the God-King directly in the meeting. Meanwhile, CNN’s Don Lemon called the God-King “a racist” and Anderson Cooper recounted his personal experiences in Haiti and leaders and citizens from around the world denounced the God-King’s ugly tirade. Oh, and the God-King canceled his trip to London, blaming President Obama for moving the U.S. embassy, a decision made by President George W. Bush. Has David Brooks’ New York Times Monday column praising the God-King’s normalcy “not aged well in the short time since its publication?”


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