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Chariot fan rivalry erupted into the Nika Riots in Constantinople, today (532). Also, England held her first recorded lottery (1569), Austrian nobles were granted freedom of religion (1571), 60,000 people died as a magnitude 7.4 earthquake devastated Sicily and Malta (1693), America’s first life insurance company was incorporated in Philadelphia (1759), William Herschel discovered the Uranian moons Titania and Oberon (1787), Congress established the Michigan Territory (1805), as well as the Grand Canyon National Monument (1908), the Lawrence Textile Strike began in Massachusetts (1912), 14-year-old diabetic Leonard Thompson in Toronto received the first insulin injection given to a human patient (1922), Louis Mayer announced the founding of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (1927), Amelia Earhart made the first solo flight from Hawaii to California (1935), Pittsburgh’s WDTV, now KDKA-TV, joined stations in 13 other cities in the nation’s first networked television broadcast, on the same day the first snowfall was recorded in Los Angeles (1949), 4000 people died in an avalanche on Huascarán in Peru (1962), U.S. Surgeon General Luther Terry published his landmark report on the health risks of smoking (1964), East Pakistan became Bangladesh (1972), Major League Baseball owners voted to adopt the designated hitter in the American League (1973), the Sir Leo Hielscher Bridges opened in Brisbane, Australia (1986), the first 20 prisoners arrived at Guantanamo Bay’s Camp X-Ray (2002), and Illinois Gov. George Ryan commuted the sentences of all 167 death row prisoners (2003). And 18 French and Somali soldiers and 4 Somali civilians were killed in a failed attempt to rescue a captured French intelligence operative in Bulo Marer, Somalia (2013).


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