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Today the God-King withdrew his nomination of Brett Talley for a federal district judge post. Talley has been a GOP campaign operative and blogger for his entire career and has never tried a case in court, but just happens to be married to the chief of staff of the Outhouse staffer who slates judicial nominees. Also … well, please read Charlie Pierce:

The returns from Dallas County were late coming in, so the romantic in me always will insist that it was the votes from Selma that put Doug Jones in the United States Senate for the next three years, that it was those votes that lit up the ballroom in the Sheraton hotel, that it was those votes that dealt a huge—but, arguably, temporary—defeat to everything that has gone wrong with American politics ever since the Republican Party ate the monkey brains 40 years ago and contracted the prion disease that has destroyed the party’s higher functions.
I choose to believe that Selma put Doug Jones over the top because I believe that the country owes that particular place a debt that it only has begun to repay, a debt on which it reneged for decades. His entire campaign was based on getting repayment of that debt back on schedule. Indeed, his entire public career has been dedicated to that. He’s smart enough to recognize what a small miracle his victory actually was for the disenfranchised people on whose behalf he fought and won, and decent enough not to turn his back on them.

Does Jones’ victory portend “a Trump-Driven Worst-Case Situation” or the much larger problem that “the Republican Party is led by an unpopular president and unpopular congressional leaders who are pursuing an unpopular agenda?”


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