I had a thought yesterday that I should pack up my RV and hit the road. I wanted to see our national treasures before they disappeared into a cloud of corporate greed. (More)

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I googled all the National Parks and Monuments and realized that I was ahead of my plan. I have been working this plan for years but hadn’t stopped to take stock until I felt they were all threatened by Secretary Zinke and President Trump. I have taken my kids and grandkids to some of my favorite places and hopefully the photographs will bring back memories for them. I am a bit short on New England but otherwise, I have been to most parts of the country and camped in National Parks and state parks. I would highly recommend it with the exception of camping in the Everglades with a warm Minnesota tent and not enough ventilation. I really could have done without the flying tree frogs in the restroom and when my partner stopped me from just peeing at the edge of the clearing with “snakes,” I was regretting the choice.

I am feeling less desperate about seeing these wonderful, wild sites now. That was replaced with a feeling of great sadness that, especially my grandkids will not have the same experiences. I was talking about this with my son and asked him how the Grand Canyon would have been different with oil rigs pumping. His response was telling.

“The next president could stop the drilling for oil. What if it’s the Cascades and the loggers go in and clear cut? Someone can reverse the decision but they can’t put the trees back.”

I am calling and writing and signing petitions.I am reaching out to others to do the same. Still, the idea of the Cascades where I have hiked and camped being clear cut is enough to bring me to tears.


Credit: Adobe Stock Images. Standard License.