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Today Reuters and other outlets reported that Robert Mueller subpoenaed the God-King’s financial records at Deutsche Bank, although the God-King’s lawyer disputes those stories. Also, Haaretz and other outlets reported that the God-King will recognize Jerusalem as the capital city of Israel and may soon move the U.S. embassy there. Meanwhile, The Intercept seconded last week’s Buzzfeed report that the God-King may set up a privately-owned spy network to counter so-called ‘deep state enemies’ in the government intelligence communities and the Washington Post’s Philip Bump says that would be consistent with the God-King’s (and many Republicans’) view that the only trustworthy sources are ideological allies. And FEMA wished a “Merry F—k You” to disaster relief workers, announcing that those who worked too many hours in 2017 will have to pay back their overtime in 2018. If no one sees me spit in disgust because we’re on the internet, do I still need to clean my screen?


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