My youngest son stopped at Walgreens to buy a pregnancy test convinced that his wife was pregnant with baby number two. (More)

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A young woman in her early twenties was the clerk. She asked him how it was going and he replied, “We’ll see.”

She seemed a bit confused about how to respond when he said, “It’s positive and it will be welcome news.”

The clerk said, “Well congratulations then. I never know what to say when people are buying these. I think we ought to just give them away for free.”

Two behind him him line was another man also buying a pregnancy test. He piped up with, “Hey, me too but this will be girl number four.”

The older woman in line between the two said, “Times have changed since I had my kids but congratulations you two.”

My son waited for the other man and they sat on the curb outside Walgreens to chat. The man behind him was so convinced that he was having girl number four that he had bought a new minivan that day. There was no way to fit two adults and four kids into a high mileage Ford Explorer. He bought an “arrest me red” minivan, which was a bit of defiance and a nod to his changing circumstances. They both have working wives but the man expecting kiddo number four spends or will spend over $40,000 a year in day care. The man expecting number four had a vasectomy but it didn’t take and he neglected to follow the instructions to not assume it had worked until the test results came back negative. Oops. My son who has one testicle after a cancer scare which came back negative gave him the number of his ‘nut doctor’ and told him how good he was.

Turns out the two guys live behind each other with a gully of grass between them. The other guy invited himself over to the bonfires that my son and his wife have regularly. They hit it off and are sure that their wives will like each other. Both wives love their jeeps and refuse to drive minivans. It may be the start of a great friendship. You never know who you will meet at Walgreens.


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