Yesterday my son and daughter-in-law went and bought two Christmas trees. They took their 15-month-old daughter along. She came back into the house saying, “Tree, Nana, tree.” (More)

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It amazes me what the sense of wonder and delight from a toddler can do to infuse the task of buying a Christmas tree. She watched with wide eyes as the lights were added. She got to help hang some unbreakable ornaments on the lower branches.

Every so often she would clap her hands and say, “Tree, tree.” She was clearly entranched by the new tree. So far she is content to point at it and say “tree.” Time will tell if she wants to wonder over it at a safe distance or not.

When my boys were little our tree was in a playpen, now called a pack-and-play. People would look at it and ask if the boys were a problem. I would say, “Not the boys but the two new kittens definitely are.”

For now, my granddaughter’s sense of wonder is pure joy.


Credit: Adobe Stock Images. Standard License.