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Today Erick Erickson defended conservatives who stand by Roy Moore because, Erickson says, “their way of life” is under attack and Moore fights for them, and Carroll Bryant said he would vote for a pedophile over a Democrat because “Democrats are socialists” and “there should never be a socialist holding public office in a free country like America.” At the New Republic, Sarah Jones attributes this to the evangelical “martyrdom complex … you can’t be part of a faithful remnant unless you are surrounded by enemies,” and to fundamentalist Christianity’s contempt for women except as vessels for childbirth. The National Republican Senatorial Committee have dropped Moore, but most Senate Republicans are playing the “If true” game and not really calling for Moore to step aside because a bare 51-49 Senate majority would make it harder to placate their donors with tax cuts for rich people and corporations. The National Review’s David French warned conservatives not to dismiss the allegations while Jonah Goldberg said saving Moore isn’t worth the moral and political cost and the Review’s op-ed called for Moore to drop out of the race. Are tax cuts and unqualified but ideologically pure federal judges worth that much to the GOP?


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