I voted yesterday. The only races were for school board and a referendum on extending the school levy. I don’t usually vote on election day so getting my “I Voted” sticker was cool. Usually I am working election protection for the Democrats and have voted absentee/early. (More)

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So after I voted I went to the Apple store to deal with my dying/dead iPad. I ended up buying a new one. While I was hanging out waiting for my scheduled appointment, several people at my waiting table commented on my “I Voted” sticker. I told them that I have never not voted. In my case yesterday was school board and a referendum but who wouldn’t take the time to research who they wanted to guide policy for our children’s education. I got an eight person converation going about why voting was important. Six of the other people said that had voted early. The seventh guy said he hadn’t but he was embarrassed. No one had ever put voting and good government in quite my terms. He asked about registering and the rest of the table took over for me explaining that if he left right now he could register and vote. One even offered to drive him. The two of them left on a voting mission. It was 6:30 and the polls here close at 8pm. They had plenty of time. I am guessing he was a millennial and maybe he’ll remember being hustled out of an Apple store as his first time voting.

All three of the Apple employees I interacted with told me they liked my “I voted” sticker. When I was testing out the new iPads my sales person asked what I was looking up as I was rapidly (for me) switching from site to site. I told him that I was looking up the election returns for Virginia and New Jersey. I quietly cheered when I saw that Northam had been declared the victor in Virgina. I looked my sales rep and told him I was a proud and very happy Democrat. I also told him that however he voted was fine with me as long as he voted, I was cool. He told me they had been briefed on not responding in any way to customer’s politics but quietly, he was also a proud Democrat.

All in all, I loved yesterday as hopefully a turn in the country’s political landscape.


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