A Bernie Sanders presidency would set off a wave of child prostitution, and other wingnut bullshit…. (More)

Seriously, I’m not making this up:

Just vote for socialists like Bernie Sanders

Telemundo reports that the economic crisis in Venezuela is driving young girls into prostitution, and that’s a real problem. Humanium estimates that more than 3 million children are exploited in prostitution networks worldwide, and they cite poverty as the principal cause. ECPAT – End Child Prostitution in Asian Tourism – published a warning about rising child prostitution in Cameroon and a 2002 study in The Lancet estimated up to a half-million children working as prostitutes in Brazil, at least that many in India, and 300,000 in the U.S. That study found different principal causes in different parts of the world; in the U.S., for example, the primary factor seems to be a history of sexual abuse at home.

But Powerline’s John Hinderaker knows the real reason:

If this is the destiny you want for your daughters and granddaughters, it can easily be achieved. Just vote for socialists like Bernie Sanders.
Advocates of a higher minimum wage should take note of the fact that Venezuela has a minimum wage; in fact, the Maduro government increased it by 50% just three months ago. Strangely, that failed to ameliorate the crisis.

Never mind that Brazil and India have equally horrific rates of child prostitution, and neither has a socialist government. Neither does Cameroon, for that matter. And never mind the estimated 300,000 girls and boys being pimped in the U.S. as of 2002.

Just blame Bernie Sanders and the minimum wage. I.e.: bullshit.

“No wonder they are the most distrusted group in the country”

Meanwhile, yet another Angry White Man with a Gun – he was dishonorably discharged from the Air Force for spouse abuse – exercised his precious Second Amendment rights in Texas to the tune of at least 26 dead. Kinda like the Angry White Man with a Gun who killed three people at a Colorado Walmart last week.

But the problem isn’t Angry White Men, or guns. Oh no. It’s atheism:

And let’s not hear any more about how atheists are so persecuted in America, or how amazingly moral they are, when they are shooting up schools and churches and universities. No wonder they are the most distrusted group in the country.

Never mind that atheists make up 0.2% of the federal prison population, despite the fact that atheists are disproportionately young and male, which is the prime demographic for violence.

One atheist Angry White Man with a Gun went on a killing spree, ergo “they are shooting up schools and churches and universities.” I.e.: bullshit.

“Anarchists’ plot to overthrow Trump ‘regime'”

You probably missed the dreaded Antifa Revolution on Saturday. It didn’t happen because it was never going to happen. The whole story was a wingnut hoax that began circulating in Facebook posts and Reddit threads back in September. But just in case some wingnuts hadn’t heard, Fox News made sure to issue a warning:

The gatherings are being described as a kind of “Antifa apocalypse” on right-wing media, according to the Washington Post. Several sites are expressing particular alarm about the loosely-defined left-leaning group, which preaches a version of ferocious anti-government chaos that often uses “domestic terrorist violence,” according to a recent FBI report.

Never mind that the Post article they cited, but of course didn’t link to, explicitly debunked the hoax. Never mind that the FBI report doesn’t describe Antifa as “anti-government” but rather as counter-protesters against Neo-Nazis and other violent white supremacists. Maybe Fox News thinks Neo-Nazis and violent white supremacists are our real government….

Regardless, Post headline had the words “Antifa Apocalypse” right there in the headline – before the words “if you believe the hype” – so even the liberal Post said it would happen. I.e.: bullshit.

Vox’s David Roberts writes that “crazy conservative fairy tales have become numbingly common” and Salon’s Paul Rosenberg observes that our media still haven’t figured out how to report on that without merely amplifying it.

Until they do, we’re inundated with those crazy conservative fairy tales. I.e.: bullshit.


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