Having a good Democrat for our Governor in Minnesota is so nice. He knows how to position his stands on the issues in ways that most citizens can connect with. (More)

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From the Governor and Lt. Governor’s Facebook page:

Today, Governor Dayton called on President Trump and Republican members of Congress to abandon their tax proposal which would eliminate tax deduction for 900,000 primarily middle-class Minnesota families, averaging $12,000. These tax deductions provide hard-working Minnesota families about $12 billion in tax benefits every year.

Visit the Governor’s website to see how many people in your county would be impacted by President Trump’s proposal, and how much of a tax deduction they would lose:

What follows is a list of the counties, the number of people affected and the average amount the elimination of state and local taxes (SALT) would cost the taxpayers.

Both Governor Dayton and Lt. Governor Smith have been on this as soon as the proposal came out from Republicans. Some may say, oh that’s too much detail or too wonky. Actually I have overheard people in line at the grocery store talking about this. When it’s your money details matter. So does the repetition of the message.

If you are a reader of web pages, here is Gov. Dayton’s.

I especially like this:

“Over one-third of Minnesotans claim those deductions, including 40 percent of the residents in the Third Congressional District, 39 percent in the Sixth Congressional District, and 43 percent in the Second Congressional District. Yet the three Congressmen, who represent those Districts, voted in favor of the House bill. (Note: 20 House Republicans voted against the bill, because eliminating the state and local tax deduction would have harmed so many of their constituents.)

Those three districts are currently held by Republicans and are predicted to be very tight races in 2018. If the R’s continue to vote in such a way that 40% of their constituents are harmed maybe we can break through the tribalism. Maybe. $12,000/year is a high price for loyalty when you’re contributing that money so the wealthiest people and biggest corporations can have tax breaks.


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