Yesterday Jeff Flake anounced his retirement. Bob Corker did the same a while back. If they really want to see Trump lose, I have a few ideas for them and other disaffected Republicans. (More)

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Flake gave a nice speech on the Senate floor yesterday. But he has voted with Trump 90% of the time. You can see all of his votes itemized at the link. Apparently 90% is not good enough.

Bob Corker, Republican Senator from Tennessee, has also announced his decision not to seek reelection in 2018. He voted with Trump 86.3% of the time. He has been needling Trump since he announced his decision.

It would appear that voting with or against Trump’s policies is not the issue. Both men and John McCain have spoken out against Trump’s fitness for office and his character and demeanor.

If they really want Trump to lose and have a comeuppance, I have an idea for them. Vote against the tax cut bill. Stand up on the floor and say that you don’t want the U.S. to have a big experiment in Kansas-style tax cuts that demolished a state in terms of education funding and social services while producing no revenue bonanza or business miracle. Kansas was so bad that the Republican legislature voted against continuing the experiment.

Voting against the tax cut bill that gives money to the wealthiest while harming the middle class would cause Trump a major loss. He wants those tax cuts for his personal taxes and those of his wealthiest contributors. If they want to protest Trump, vote against the tax cuts. It may just produce the changes you seek in the “character” of the man who occupies the oval office.

Speeches are nice but actions speak louder than words. Standing up for your middle class tax paying constituents is a good thing. Something to think about.


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