I am proud of every woman who used #MeToo to say she had experienced sexual harassment and/or assault in her life. Speaking out is not easy and often puts the woman’s career in danger.The problem remains, what do we do with the toxic men who perpetrate the abuse. (More)

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Most corporations have policies for reporting such men and for conducting a thorough investigation. It is difficult at best when it is “he said, she said.” Often there are no witnesses. Too often, if there is a settlement it includes a clause about not divulging the settlement or its terms. This keeps other women experiencing the same harassment thinking they are the only one.

I think that as more women speak up the sense of isolation and being the only one will go away. It would help immensely if the settlements were not secret.

The Los Angeles Times has an article looking at 27 newsmakers accused of sexual harassment, assault or related behavior:

Following allegations of sexual harassment and assault, the fall of Oscar-winning producer Harvey Weinstein was swift, but it was not isolated. In recent months, men from Hollywood to academia, technology to politics have been publicly accused of harassment and/or misconduct, many forced to step down from their jobs. Here’s a look at some who made headlines.

Fox News has Roger Ailes, Bill O’Reilly and Eric Bolling, for three of the 27. The University of Southern California has two. Some of the men have been tried and convicted. I assume evidence was presented. Others left on allegations. I hope that we are not learning the lesson that “allegations” are enough. I definitely want the toxic males dealt with but not just solely based on allegations. The difference in the power and money dynamic between the man and the usually younger women means that they can intimidate the women into silence. That’s not good either.

The more organizations make it perfectly clear that toxic men will no longer be given a pass for the ill treatment of women, the sooner everyone can get back to actually working.


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