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This week a Texas school district apologized for altering a homecoming queen’s photo and a Pennsylvania borough council granted a reprieve for a newly-married couple’s pot-bellied pig, while an Alaska rescue group took in an alligator that had outgrown a bathtub (yes, indeed it was in Wasilla). Not to be outdone, a 22-year-old Florida sheriff’s cadet was arrested for using his dad’s unmarked car to stalk his ex-girlfriend. In bigger news, an Ohio man and his friend built a 19-foot-tall Star Wars imperial AT-AT walker in his front yard for Halloween, complete with glowing cockpit lights and a stormtrooper mannequin guard. (He’ll dress as Princess Leia and his wife will be Darth Vader.) And the Press of Atlantic City’s lead story came via a driver who fell asleep at the wheel of a Corvette and crashed through the newsroom window. Should their new masthead be “The News Comes to Us!” or “We Go Anywhere for a Story, Even As Far As the Coffee Pot?”


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