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Today the God-King claimed the New York Times tricked Sen. Bob Corker (R-TN) by recording ‘off the record’ statements, and the Time quickly released the tape proving that Sen. Corker knew his interview was being recorded for publication. Also, the God-King threatened to repeal the NFL’s tax exemption if they don’t force players to stand for the national anthem, never mind that the NFL gave up that tax exemption two years ago, or that repealing tax breaks to punish speech would violate the First Amendment. Meanwhile, the God-King has yet to say a word about the deadly wildfires in California or the deaths of 4 U.S. servicemen in Niger, or the return of torch-wielding Nazis to Charlottesville this past weekend. Will non-retiring Republicans ever stand up and admit that the God-King is not morally fit for the presidency?


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