I am glad, in a way, that Trump decided to take on the NFL. He seems to need to dominate someone, anyone, to garner headlines. (More)

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The NFL digs that Trump unleashed over the weekend were much better for our national security than him picking on North Korea. He and Kim Jong Un are two of a kind and their spats could end in a nuclear war. His taking on the NFL has brought publicity to the player protests in a way that the protests themselves could not have done.

The two Trumpster family members were at my grandson’s birthday party yesterday. Football was on the TV. They said that the black players were disrespecting the flag. I said they were asking for social justice in that they wanted cops to stop shooting unarmed black men. Apparently Fox News has not covered this angle. They stared at me with open mouths. I asked them if they felt like they were disrespecting the cross when they knelt in church. They are both Catholic. Mouths still hanging open. I asked them to consider the protest of “taking the knee” as a prayer for justice. I think I might have made a small dent.

I am glad that Trump took on the NFL because they resisted, en mass. How cool was it that owners, coaches and players stood or knelt together. Way to show America how to resist the bully-in-chief.

Part two of my conversation with the family Trumpsters was from the 35 year old sister-in-law of my oldest son. Neither she or I can resist politics. Her mother and I have moratorium. She asked why I thought about the football protests. I told her that I wuld much prefer that Trump went after the NFL than North Korea. She actually agreed.

Family politics at a Birthday Party for my now 9-year-old grandson are delicate, to say the least. My son and his wife are solid Democrats. They get the idea that they have been exceptionally lucky in the life lottery and have great compassion for those who are not so lucky.

Keep talking to those with whom we disagree.


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