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We usually do weird funny news on Saturdays, but last night the God-King called Colin Kaepernick and other athletes who protest by kneeling during the National Anthem “sons of bitches” who should be “fired,” and this morning the God-King lashed out at NBA Champion Golden State Warriors’ star Stephen Curry for saying he won’t go to the White House. In response, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell slammed the God-King’s “divisive comments” and Warriors’ coach Steve Kerr said his team will meet and decide whether to go to the White House. Meanwhile, more NFL players have pledged to #TakeAKnee tomorrow to protest the God-King’s comments. Oh, and that ‘chilling’ college student free speech poll that the Squirrel dissected in today’s Mixed Nuts is not only bad law, but also “junk science.” Was this week’s weird news not all that funny anyway?


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Mixed Nuts‘Chilling’ Student Speech Poll, plus Other Stuff


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