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The Treaty of Basel ended the war between the Swabian League and the Old Swiss Confederacy today (1499). Also, English playwright Ben Johnson killed an actor in a duel and was indicted for manslaughter (1598), the final eight executions of the Salem Witch Trials were conducted (1692), the British Army hanged Nathan Hale for espionage (1776), the office of U.S. Postmaster General was established (1789), the First French Republic and the French Republican Calendar began (1792), Joseph Smith, Jr. claimed to have guided by the angel Moroni to the golden plates he would later translate into the Book of Mormon (1823), buoyed by the Union victory at Antietam five days earlier, President Abraham Lincoln issued a preliminary version of the Emancipation Proclamation (1862), Richard Wagner’s opera Das Rheingold premiered (1869), as did National Geographic Magazine (1888), Victoria surpassed her father George III to become the longest-reigning monarch in British history (1896), the Bulgarian Declaration of Independence was proclaimed (1908), the Amalgamated Association of Iron and Steel Workers began a strike in Pennsylvania that spread nationwide and would continue for almost four months (1919), Jack Dempsey lost the “Long Count” boxing match to Gene Tunney (1927), 266 miners and rescuers died after an explosion at Wales’ Gresford Colliery (1934), Britain’s ITV television went on the air (1955), the Sudanese Republic was renamed Mali after the withdrawal of Senegal from the Mali Federation (1960), bystander Oliver Sipple tackled Sara Jane Moore as she tried to assassinate President Gerald Ford (1975), the Huntington Library made the Dead Sea Scrolls available to the public for the first time (1991), 47 passengers died in Amtrak’s deadliest train wreck after a barge struck a railroad bridge in Mississippi (1993), and the 24-man crew died when an E-3B crashed at Alaska’s Elmendorf AFB when birds fouled two of the jet’s four engines just after takeoff, on the same day 39 people, mostly ethnic Tamil children, were killed when the Sri Lankan Air Force bombed the Nagar Kovil Maha Vidyalayam School in Jaffna (1995). And at least 75 people were killed when two suicide bombers attacked the All Saints Church in Peshawar, Pakistan (2013).


The Janitor Professor of Astrology did not keep tabs on Senate Republicans while researching this week’s Bippiescopes….

Virgo: Windows of opportunity may close this weekend. Or in the Senate next week.

Libra: Take time to catch up to reality this weekend. Unlike certain senators.

Scorpio: Brainstorm to push the envelope this weekend. Then mail it to a Senate Republican.

Sagittarius: Don’t set yourself on fire to keep others warm this weekend. The GOP will do that for you.

Capricorn: Unpack your plans and put them in motion this weekend. If you planned to call senators.

Aquarius: Self-reflection prepares your next steps this weekend. Reflect on health care.

Pisces: Recharge your emotional batteries this weekend. You’ll need them next week.

Aries: Build relationships based on mutual improvement this weekend. Or be a Republican.

Taurus: Embrace your long-term goals this weekend. Then call to protect them.

Gemini: Shuttle between the light and the dark this weekend. Or just read the news.

Cancer: Your mind is like a steel trap this weekend. But chewing your leg off isn’t covered.

Leo: Let positive thinking be your immune system this weekend. That’s also the GOP health care plan.


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