This is a serious question. What are we leaving our children and grandchildren? (More)

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My youngest son is 37 and has a 13-month-old daughter. We were sitting on the porch last night talking and I said I had to go write my Midday Matinee. I asked him for advice. His response was the title of this post. What are we leaving our kids?

Are we leaving them a natural world that has areas of unspoiled beauty and untamed wilderness? Are we leaving them a society where there is equal opportunity? Why are we worried about girls going into STEM when we have an administration that scrubs global warming and climate change from their web sites? When a good part of the country doesn’t believe in science, what do we tell our kids?

My son wants his daughter to have the experiences he had in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness. If copper sulfide mining wins the legal battles, will she ever have that chance or will the BWCA be polluted like the Mt. Polley disaster?

So what do we collectively want to leave to our kids? Clean air and water? A livable planet? A world at peace? A country that believes in science? A nation that embraces every citizen and welcomes immigrants?

A country that sees health care as a right and education as important? A country that accepts each person’s sexual preference? A country that judges not a person based on their religion? A country that does not administer justice based on skin color? What do we really want to leave our kids and what are we doing to make it happen?

These are the important questions and the ones I prefer to have the Democratic Party answering. Just think about it.


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