Americans are officially constitionally illiterate. Constitution Day is officially September 17, 2017. It will be celebrated on September 18. What follows are some bleak statistics. (More)

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Americans are woefully uninformed about their constitution. Let some of these findings from the annual Constitution Day survey of what we know and don’t know sink in.

The Annenberg Public Policy Center at the University of Pennsylvania survey found that more than one-third of Americans can’t name a single right enshrined in the Constitution.

“Protecting the rights guaranteed by the Constitution presupposes that we know what they are. The fact that many don’t is worrisome,” said Kathleen Hall Jamieson, director of the Annenberg Public Policy Center (APPC) of the University of Pennsylvania. “These results emphasize the need for high-quality civics education in the schools and for press reporting that underscores the existence of constitutional protections.”

Only one in four could name all three branches of the government. One third could not name even one.

The Annenberg Public Policy Center has more, primarily focused on the first amendment. I looked for the numbers on the Second Amendment but couldn’t find them.

Looking ahead, the ACLU has a set of pocket constitutions for sale. A 10 pack costs $11.99. Think stocking stuffers or holiday gifts. Remember Khizr Khan the gold star father who took his copy of the constitution out of his pocket at the Democratic Convention? Khan is a naturalized American citizen.

I’m just guessing that he would have scored better on the Constitution Day Survey than most American born citizens.


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