The tone of rudeness and conflict present in D.C. is apparently trickling down. Lines are being drawn and names called even at our local zoo. (More)

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I figure it has to be pretty bad for the zoo to fire a senior citizen volunteer.

Hunter “Bill” Way was dismissed from his position recently at the zoo in Apple Valley, where he had volunteered every Wednesday for the past seven years. He said it was an unfair termination after an argument with a superior over President Donald Trump, followed months later by an exchange of e-mails.

Way and his supervisor disagree strongly on Trump, the supervisor being a supporter and Way definitely not. They had a heated exchange and for a while, it seemed like they had agreed to disagree. Then an email exchange set the disagreement in motion again. Way asked to transfer to a dfferent day but by then he was let go.

Way would just like another shot to explain himself and return to the zoo. He realizes it’s unlikely. “I’ve learned my lesson,” he said. “I am somebody who is passionate about treating people decently.”

But if he hears people being racist or promoting hate, “you can’t just walk away and ignore them.”

Having spent years in Human Resources, I would have a lot of questions before I formed an opinion on what happened. Given the political climate, this can’t be the only example out there. The idea that it happened at the zoo just tickled me.


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