Hurricane Irma has passed us, but we’re still getting stormy weather…. (More)

Irma has almost turned me and Mrs. Squirrel and the kids into nuts, but no, I haven’t mistaken her for a macadamia. Actually I’m pointing to where she was at 5am, and the tip of my index fingernail is pretty much over the Main Campus. So yes, Irma’s eye went almost directly overhead.

We didn’t lose power overnight and I haven’t seen any damage inside. I haven’t gone outside to look around yet, but I don’t see any damage through the windows. However, we’ll still get tropical storm conditions for another few hours, off and on, as Irma’s southern feeder bands move through.

We could still lose power, or our internet connection, and I’m keeping this short. But so far, we’re all okay…

… if a little nuts.


Image Credits — Irma Info:; Red Squirrel: Pinterest; Composition: Crissie Brown (


Good day and good nuts