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To celebrate the conquest of Languedoc in the the Albigensian Crusade, French King Louis VIII asked that the Eucharist be displayed at Avignon’s Chapel of the Holy Cross, extending the practice public adoration to lay Catholics, today (1226). Also, indigenous warriors led by Michimalonco sacked Santiago, Chile (1541), the Great Siege of Malta ended (1565), Philip III ordered the expulsion of Moriscos from Valencia and later all of Spain, on the same day Henry Hudson sighted Manhattan Island (1609), a British-American peace conference on Staten Island failed (1776), the Annapolis Convention met to discuss weaknesses in the Articles of Confederation (1786), Alexander Hamilton was appointed as the first Secretary of the Treasury (1789), six thieves stole the Hope Diamond and other French crown jewels (1792), William Morgan, who threatened to publish secrets of Freemasonry, was arrested for unpaid debts and disappeared after his release the next day (1826), the Anti-Masonic Party held their first convention (1830), Stephen Foster’s “Oh! Susanna” premiered in a Pittsburgh saloon (1847), 120 pioneers headed for California were murdered by Mormon settlers at Mountain Meadows, Utah (1857), the Parliament of the World’s Religions opened in Chicago (1893), the first race was held at the Milwaukee Mile in West Allis, Wisconsin (1903), 13 workers died when the central span of the redesigned Québec Bridge collapsed, nine years after the original bridge collapsed killing 75 workers (1916), U.S. Marines invaded Honduras, the original “banana republic,” to protect plantations owned by the United Fruit Company (1919), Ty Cobb played his last Major League Baseball game (1928), ground was broken for the construction of the Pentagon (1941), 29 people died as Category 3 Hurricane Edna struck New England (1954), the World Wildlife Fund was founded, on the same day 43 people died as Category 4 Hurricane Carla struck Texas (1961), the International Association of Classification Societies was founded to promote safer engineering standards for cargo ships (1968), San Francisco’s Bay Area Rapid Transit system opened (1972), a coup d’état led by Augusto Pinochet ousted Chile’s elected President Salvador Allende, establishing a dictatorship that would rule for 17 years (1973), infected at the British medical laboratory where she worked, Janet Parker became the last person to die of smallpox (1978), Pete Rose recorded his 4,192nd hit, eclipsing Ty Cobb’s 57-year-old record (1985), 6 people died as Category 4 Hurricane Iniki struck Hawaii (1992), NASA’s Mars Global Surveyor entered orbit around the Red Planet, on the same day Scotland voted to establish a devolved parliament within the United Kingdom (1997), 2996 people died as Al Qaeda terrorists crashed two hijacked jets into New York City’s World Trade Center, another into the Pentagon, and a fourth into a field near Shanksville, Pennsylvania (2011), Swedish foreign minister Anna Lindh was assassinated (2003), Russia tested the Father Of All Bombs, the most powerful non-nuclear weapon in history (2007), U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other embassy workers were killed in an attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, on the same day 315 people died in two garment factory fires in Pakistan (2012), and the Assemblea Nacional Catalana organized the 400-km-long Catalan Way human chain, calling for the independence of Catalonia (2013). And 111 people died when a crane collapsed onto the Masjid al-Haram, the Grand Mosque in Mecca, Saudi Arabia (2015).


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