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The Roman Empire was divided among the three Augusti – Constantine II, Constantius II, and Constans I – upon the death of their father Constantine I today (337). Also, 9-month-old Mary Stuart was crowned Queen of Scots (1543), slaves in Charleston, South Carolina began the short-lived Stono Rebellion, prompting the Negro Act a year later to restrict education, assembly, and movement for blacks (1739), the Continental Congress named our new nation the United States of America (1776), the “federal city” in the District of Columbia was named after President George Washington (1791), John Herschel took the first glass plate photograph (1839), California became our 31st state, on the same day Texas surrendered what are now parts of Colorado, Kansas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Wyoming to federal control in exchange for the U.S. government assuming the former republic’s $10 million debt (1850), the Berne Convention for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works was finalized (1886), Mustafa Kemal Atatürk founded Turkey’s Republican People’s Party (1923), 16 striking Filipino sugar workers and 4 policemen died in Hawaii’s Hanapepe Massacre (1924), the National Broadcasting Company was founded (1926), in a conference at Dartmouth College, George Stibitz used a teletype to send commands to the Complex Number Calculator in New York, the first remote operation of a computer (1940), float planes from a Japanese submarine dropped incendiary bombs in an Oregon forest but lookouts quickly contained the fire, in the only Axis bombing raid on the U.S. mainland in World War II (1942), William Burke found and removed a dead moth from a relay of the Harvard Mark II computer, prompting his associate Grace Hopper to coin the term “debugging” (1947), Kim Il-sung declares the founding of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (1948), Elvis Presley debuted on The Ed Sullivan Show (1956), the Department of Housing and Urban Development was established, on the same day 76 people died as Category 4 Hurricane Betsy made landfall near New Orleans (1965), President Lyndon Johnson signed the National Traffic and Motor Vehicle Safety Act (1966), Canada’s Official Languages Act gave French and English equal standing throughout the federal government (1969), the four-day Attica Prison Riot erupted (1971), a Cave Research Foundation exploration and mapping team discovers a link between the Kentucky’s Mammoth and Flint Ridge cave systems, making them the largest caverns in the world (1972), the Sri Lankan Army murdered 184 Tamil villagers in the eastern Batticaloa District (1990), Tajikstan declared independence (1991), the Palestine Liberation Organization officially recognized Israel as a legitimate state (1993), Estonians in Pärnu County fell ill and 68 ultimately died after drinking what they thought was vodka but was actually made with methanol stolen from a nearby chemical plant (2001), the Dubai Metro was ceremonially opened at exactly 9:09:09pm (2009), 8 people died in a 1000-foot-high wall of fire when a natural gas pipeline exploded in San Bruno, California (2010), and India launched the SPOT 6 satellite, on the same day 100 people were killed in terrorist attacks across Iraq (2012). And Elizabeth II became the longest-reigning monarch in British history (2015).


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