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Today the House passed a debt ceiling increase and Hurricane Harvey relief with mostly Democratic votes. That did not end the Hastert Rule – which requires “a majority of the majority [party]” – as 133 Republicans voted ‘Yes’ while 90 voted ‘No,’ but House GOP hardliners were furious at losing their veto. They were also furious that the God-King’s DOJ refused to reopen an investigation of former Lois Lerner, whom conservatives are convinced was President Obama’s political hitwoman at the IRS. Also, Kris Kobach, the chair of the God-King’s Voter Suppression Commission, declared “proof” of voter fraud because 5315 New Hampshire college students didn’t buy cars. Oh, and Rush Limbaugh evacuated Florida after claiming Hurricane Irma warnings were a Big Water-Home Depot-Al Gore conspiracy and then spending two days lying about what he said. Will Speaker Ryan take the next step and end the Hastert Rule altogether?


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