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Today, as expected, the God-King – well, he had the Klanmaster General do the dirty work of announcing it – rescinded President Obama’s DACA order that protects DREAMers. The former president quickly issued a statement denouncing the God-King’s action as “wrong … self-defeating [and] cruel,” and wingnuts pounced with pseudo-fact-checks. Meanwhile, protesters quickly rallied outside the God-King’s Outhouse and white supremacists would only be more delighted if people of color – and white liberals – would “just kill themselves.” And Speaker Paul Ryan tied DREAMers’ fate to comprehensive legislation that includes “border security and internal enforcement,” while the Department of Homeland Insecurity announced that ICE will use DREAMers’ application data to target them for deportation. Will Republicans use DREAMers as hostages to fund the God-King’s precious border wall?


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