Ug and Morug are back to discuss the day’s news…. (More)

So I powered up the BPI Time-ish Machine and listened in on another chat between my favorite cave-guys:

Ug: Did ya read that Special Counsel Robert Mueller has a copy of the first draft of the God-King’s letter firing FBI Director James Comey?

Moreug: You mean the letter where the God-King whined that Comey wouldn’t tell the American people that the God-King was as innocent as the driven snow? Before the public letter that claimed the firing was all about Comey mishandling the Hillary Clinton email investigation?

Ug: Yeah, that first one, the one that confirmed what the God-King later blurted out on national TV: that he fired Comey over “this Russia thing.”

Moreug: Yep, I read about it. It’s why the God-King needs a handler … even if he hates it when the media talk about him needing a handler.

Ug: I heard he’s getting really pissed at his chief of staff … for handling him.

Moreug: On the other hand, he’s probably thrilled with his Sewer Spewer dodging questions on whether his $1-million gift to Hurricane Harvey relief will come from his own money or from the Trump Foundation, i.e.: ‘him’ giving other people’s money.

Ug: Yeah, assuming the gift ever happens. When it comes to giving, he’s long on big public pledges and short on actually turning over cash. He is, after all, a guy who took a half-million dollars donated for kids’ cancer research and gave it to himself and his family.

Moreug: Speaking of going back on things, he’s reconsidering those Obama-era flood rules that he just axed a couple of weeks ago. Turns out rising water doesn’t care about conservative dogma.

Ug: And speaking of conservative dogma, a Missouri state legislator said people who deface Confederate memorials should be lynched. But he’s not promoting white supremacy.

Moreug: Of course. It’s all about the history. Cough. So, is there any good news?

Ug: Just that the Senate Parliamentarian said yesterday that September 30th is the deadline for passing any health care reform bill by budget reconciliation. And I guess the Senate have their own time machine, coz they have only 12 working days left in September.

Moreug: And in those 12 days, they have to pass a spending bill to avoid a government shutdown, raise the debt ceiling, pass a Hurricane Harvey relief bill, renew the Children’s Health Insurance Program, and supposedly they want to squeeze in tax reform.

Ug: Right. I’m sure they’ll get to all of that. They’ll need to borrow the BPI Fizzix Department’s time machine to fit all of that into 12 working days.

Moreug: Or they could, you know, find a way to work more than 12 days a month. Just sayin’.

Ug: The time machine is more likely….


Photo Credit: ABC TV


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