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Today it was the New York Times’ Glenn Thrush’s turn to play This Time The God-King Will Become Presidential, but the Washington Post’s Aaron Blake noted that the God-King’s “past begs for skepticism” and Greg Sargent said such questions “reflect an inability to reckon with the true depths of Trump’s megalomania, disengagement from policy details and utter detachment from any sense of responsibility to the public,” while Esquire’s Charlie Pierce says the Times epitomizes “a strong institutional train of thought that the those events, including Nixon’s resignation, were somehow tragic and dangerous, and that similar situations should be avoided if at all possible in the future.” Meanwhile, the God-King said he pardoned Joe Arpaio during Hurricane Harvey “to get higher ratings” and Arpaio, not content with a pardon, wants the court to vacate his contempt of court conviction – which expressly mentioned racial profiling – because he’s being “defamed” with charges of … racial profiling. How many more rounds of This Time The God-King Will Become Presidential will we see before his reign ends?


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