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Denmark Just Generated 140% of Its Electricity Demand From Wind Power

On a particularly windy day last week, Denmark’s wind farms produced between 116 and 140 percent of the national electricity requirements, and they weren’t even operating at their full 4.8GW capacity at the time. Eighty percent of the excess was shared by Germany and Norway, and Sweden got 20 percent of the spoils, showing just redundant fossil fuels can be if governments make the commitment to renewable energy sources.

Trump officials rewrite Energy Dept. study to make renewables look bad, fail anyway

Energy Secretary Rick Perry’s long-awaited grid study is finally out. But while Trump officials clearly tried to rewrite the previously leaked staff draft to give the impression that renewable energy sources are a threat to baseload power and grid resilience, they mostly botched the job.

New microbe has potential to help rebalance Earth’s nitrogen cycle

New research from University of Alberta and University of Vienna microbiologists provides unparalleled insight into the Earth’s nitrogen cycle, identifying and characterizing the ammonia-oxidizing microbe, Nitrospira inopinata. The findings, explained Lisa Stein, co-author and professor of biology, have significant implications for climate change research.

Climate Change May Shrink the World’s Fish

Warming temperatures and loss of oxygen in the sea will shrink hundreds of fish species—from tunas and groupers to salmon, thresher sharks, haddock and cod—even more than previously thought, a new study concludes.
Because warmer seas speed up their metabolisms, fish, squid and other water-breathing creatures will need to draw more oxygen from the ocean. At the same time, warming seas are already reducing the availability of oxygen in many parts of the sea.

Donald Trump removes law protecting buildings from floods and sea-level rise

Donald Trump has signed an executive order which will revoke a law aiming at reducing buildings’ exposure to flooding and sea-level rise, while speeding up approval for major infrastructure projects. 

While the public debate was focused on the President’s response to the neo-Nazi rally in Charlottesville, which turned violent, he announced the revocation of the Obama-era restrictions over the financing of building projects in flood-prone areas. 

This latest executive order will roll back rules regarding environmental reviews as part of his proposal to spend $1 trillion to fix ageing US infrastructure.
Under the Obama administration, an executive order aimed to restrict government-funded building projects in areas which could be subject to flooding, sea-level rise and other consequences of climate change. 

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