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Today Gary Kohn rebuked the God-King’s response to Charlottesville and said a key reason he hasn’t quit his job as Outhouse chief economics advisor is that he won’t let white supremacists chanting “Jews will not replace us” to force him out (Cohn is Jewish). Meanwhile, the God-King will punt tax reform to congressional Republicans and blame them if it fails, while former GOP Sen. John Danforth said the God-King isn’t a Republican because he doesn’t stand for a GOP tradition of inclusiveness that exists only in Danforth’s mind. And white man Mark Lilla whitemansplained why women and people of color are ruining the Democratic Party, which he says must return to the values of the New Deal era … when Democrats were about unity and equality … except segregation was legal … but “I’m not talking about conditions on the ground.” Aren’t you glad it’s Friday?


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