Mars, in Roman times was the god of war. The Romans were a very militaristic people. We could learn from them. The Greek god of war was Ares. (More)

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Mars for the Romans and Ares from the Greek were the gods of war. The moons of the planet Mars are Phobos and Diemos. They are Greek names. But they were also the names of two of Mars’ children. Phobos means panic or fear. Think phobias. Diemos means terror or dread. If you are going to war, you need to sow fear/panic and dread/terror. Those ancients were onto something.

The Greeks and the Romans viewed their gods of war differently.

Although Ares was viewed primarily as a destructive and destabilizing force, Mars represented military power as a way to secure peace, and was a father (pater) of the Roman people.

Apparently, people have been debating war in basically those same terms for centuries. Is it a way to secure the peace or a destabilizing force?

I think Trump with his speech Monday night is squarely in the Greek camp. He is obviously a destabilizing force. He is using Phobos and Diemos on an endless loop. He does all this without, I assume having studied the classics. He is an intuitive Ares. He also has the codes to the nuclear weapons. Talk about destabilizing!

Does anyone else remember Edith Hamilton’s “Mythology” in college? There are lessons there. I’m not sure there is a lesson for how to deal with a person like Trump with as much power as he has. Just my musings as a philosophy major in the late 1960s.


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