My letter to my congressman, Tom Emmer.(More)

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Dear Congressman Emmer;

I checked your website and google for any statements you might have made about the President’s news conference where he gave cover and support to white supremacists, the KKK, Nazis and the collection of alt right groups in Charlottesville. You seem to be strangely silent on this topic.

As a proud American, a Democrat, a mother and grandmother, I’d like to know which side of history you are on. I know you were an early supporter of Trump. Was that because you share his beliefs or was it simple expediency? My father fought the Nazis in WWII. He was a Republican but in the Eisenhower era that was a different party. He would be aghast at the president’s remarks.

Who would have thought that our president would openly support Nazis here a mere 70 years later. Please let your constituents know where you stand on this threat to our country.




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