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Cleopatra committed suicide, ending Egypt’s Ptolemaic dynasty today (30 BCE). Also, the Treaty of Nöteborg defined the first border between Sweden and Russia (1323), the arrest of Charles duc de La Vieuville, the president of Louis XIII’s royal council, left Cardinal Richelieu as the king’s primary aide (1624), France’s département of Rhône-et-Loire was split, with each river anchoring its own département (1793), Santiago de Liniers recaptured Buenos Aires after the first British invasion of Argentina (1806), Isaac Singer patented his sewing machine (1851), Asaph Hall discovered Mars’ moon Deimos (1877), the last quagga died at Amsterdam’s Artis Magistra zoo (1883), Spain and the U.S. signed an armistice ending hostilities in the Spanish-American War, on the same day the Republic of Hawaii’s flag was lowered at ʻIolani Palace and replaced by the U.S. flag (1898), 13 prominent Jewish intellectuals were killed in Moscow in the Night of the Murdered Poets (1952), 455 people died as a magnitude 7.2 earthquake struck the Greek islands of Zakynthos and Kefalonia (1953), Art Kane snapped the iconic “A Great Day in Harlem” group photo of 57 jazz musicians in front of a New York City Brownstone (1958), NASA launched Echo 1A, the first successful passive communications satellite (1960), Japan and China signed their Treaty of Peace and Friendship (1978), the Montevideo Treaty established the Latin American Integration Association (1980), the IBM Personal Computer was released (1981), Mexico announced that she would be unable to repay her external debt, sparking a crisis that spread throughout Latin America (1982), 520 passengers and crew died when Japan Airlines Flight 123 crashed into Osutaka ridge in the Gunma Prefecture, the deadliest single-aircraft accident in aviation history (1985), Sue Hendrickson discovered the largest- and most complete-ever Tyrannosaurus Rex skeleton on South Dakota’s Cheyenne River Indian Reservation (1990), Major League Baseball players began a strike that would cancel that year’s World Series (1994), the Russian submarine Kursk exploded and sank in the Barents Sea (2000), and the bulk carrier M/V New Flame collided with the oil tanker Torm Gertrud at the southernmost tip of Gibraltar (2007). And 173 people died when an overheated container of guncotton exploded and detonated 800 tons of ammonium nitrate fertilizer in Tianjin, China (2015).


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