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Today the God-King issued not just one but two whiny statements complaining that Congress won’t let him negotiate “great deals” with Russia. Also, Boy Scout national leaders said they never called the God-King after his speech at this year’s Jamboree, countering the God-King’s claim to the Wall Street Journal that the Scouts’ “top leaders” called to say it was “the best speech ever given” at a Jamboree. Oh, the Justice Department is setting up a department in their political “front office” to sue universities over affirmative action, which answers the God-King’s “What do you have to lose?” pitch to voters of color in the 2016 election, and South Carolina governor candidate Catherine Templeton (R) said she’s “proud of the Confederacy” and would not allow the removal of Confederate symbols or memorials from state property because “you can’t rewrite history.” And The Atlantic’s Rosie Gray broke the story that National Security Council staffer Rich Higgs was fired last month because Higgs wrote a memo charging “the left,” the media, and “upper levels of the bureaucracies” of conspiring with “Islamists,” “Globalists,” and “cultural Marxists” to wage “political warfare” against the God-King. Are you wearing your “propaganda battledress?”


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