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Northumbrian Earl Siward the Stout defeated Scottish ruler Mac Bethad mac Findlaích, better known as Macbeth, today (1054). Also, Osman I invaded Nicomedia, an event considered to be the dawn of the Ottoman Empire (1299), Francis Xavier reached Japan (1549), Parliament passed the Second Navigation Act requiring all goods bound for American colonies to come from English ports on English ships (1663), the Bank of England was chartered (1694), the Department of Foreign Affairs, now the Department of State, became the first U.S. government agency (1789), 231 people died when the SS Golden Gate, en route from San Francisco to Panama City, Panama, burned and sank off the coast of Mexico (1862), Welsh settlers arrived at Chubut, Argentina (1865), the first transatlantic telegraph cable was completed from Valentia Island, Ireland, to Heart’s Content, Newfoundland (1866), Kaiser Wilhelm II gave a speech comparing Germans to Huns, establishing an epithet that would remain in use for decades (1900), 38 people would die as the murder of a black child at a South Side beach sparked the five-day Chicago Race Riots (1919), Frederick Banting and a team of researchers at the University of Toronto proved that insulin regulates blood sugar (1921), 53 nations signed the Geneva Convention on the treatment of prisoners of war (1929), Bugs Bunny debuted in A Wild Hare (1940), the maiden flight of the de Havilland Comet began the age of jet airliners (1949), the House Judiciary Committee voted to recommend impeachment for President Richard Nixon (1974), former Japanese Prime Minister Kakuei Tanaka was arrested on charges relating to the Lockheed bribery scandal (1976), millions of Britons tuned in to watch the marriage of Coronation Street characters Ken Barlow and Deirdre Langton (1981), Belarus declared independence, on the same day the Jamaat al Muslimeen attempted a coup d’état in Trinidad and Tobago (1990), the Korean War Veterans Memorial was dedicated in Washington, D.C. (1995), a pipe bomb exploded at Atlanta’s Centennial Olympic Park (1996), skateboarder Tony Hawk landed the first 900, 2½ revolutions, at the fifth annual X Games in San Francisco (1999), 85 people died when a fighter jet crashed during an air show at Lviv, Ukraine (2002), a German court ordered the government to pay compensation for the 2002 Überlingen Mid-air Collision that killed 71 people, holding it was illegal to have outsourced air traffic control to the Swiss firm SkyGuide (2006), four people died when two news helicopters collided over Phoenix’s Steele Indian School Park while covering a police chase (2007), and Queen Elizabeth II joined Daniel Craig in a James Bond skit for the opening ceremony of the Summer Olympics in London (2012). And 7 people were killed when gunmen attacked a police station in the Gurdaspur district of Punjab, India (2015).


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