A Wisconsin company is “offering” to microchip its employees. Would you think this is okay, or not okay? (More)

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I have friends and family who have microchipped their pets. A lost dog is one thing. The ability as a microchipped employee to wave your hand in front of a vending machine to get a snack seems like an ‘off’ version of the future. I may just be too old to appreciate the convenience factor.

Three Square Market is a Wisconsin based retail tech company. It is offering to micro chip employees which will allow them to enter the building, log into their computers and buy snacks (the company’s business) in the cafeteria.

32M (Three Square Market) provides technology for the self-serve break room market. CEO Todd Westby says in a statement that he expects the chip technology to eventually be used in air travel, public transit and retail.

The chips are the size of a grain of rice and will be implanted underneath the skin between the thumb and forefinger.

The River Falls-based company is partnering with BioHax International, of Sweden, which according to Three Square Market already has chipped many of its employees.

Perhaps those of us who are concerned about privacy should expand our horizons beyond worrying about our intelligence community. I imagine the inconvenience of approaching a vending machine with a handful of change and not being able to purchase a soda or a snack. My world would not end.

If this is what we’re using technology for, I can think of better uses. If you are interested in exploring cyborg life and more of the ethics there’s more here.


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