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The Massacre at Béziers began the Albigensian Crusade today (1209). Also, a second group from England arrived in North Carolina to reestablish the Roanoke Colony (1587), Governor Thomas Dongan chartered the city of Albany, New York (1686), commissioners from England and Scotland agreed to the Acts of Union (1706), Alexander Mackenzie reached the Pacific, completing the first recorded transcontinental journey across Canada (1793), surveyors of the Connecticut Land Company named a tract in Ohio after their superintendent, Gen. Moses Cleveland (1796), Jules-Albert de Dion crossed the finish line first at the inaugural Paris-Rouen Motor Race, but Albert Lemaître’s gasoline-powered car was announced the victor as Dion’s steam-powered auto required a stoker (1894), 10 people were killed when a bomb exploded at San Francisco’s Preparedness Day parade (1916), Wiley Post completed the first solo round-the-world flight in 7 days, 18 hours, and 45 minutes (1933), FBI agents killed John Dillinger outside Chicago’s Biograph Theater (1934), the Senate rejected President Franklin Roosevelt’s Judicial Procedures Reform Bill to increase the number of Justices of the U.S. Supreme Court (1937), the U.S. began wartime gasoline rationing (1942), 91 people were killed when the Jewish militant group Irgun bombed Jerusalem’s King David Hotel (1946), Dezik and Tsygan became the first dogs to make a sub-orbital space flight (1951), Mariner 1 was destroyed while flying off course after launch (1962), Sarawak gained independence (1963), Japan completed her final reparation to the Philippines for World War II-era war crimes (1976), the Polish government ended 19 months of martial law (1983), the entire town of Kaskaskia, Illinois was forced to evacuate on barges when levees ruptured in the Great Flood (1993), the second Blue Water Bridge opened between Port Huron, Michigan and Sarnia, Ontario (1997), London police shot and killed Brazilian-born Jean Charles de Menezes, whom they mistook for one of the plotters in a series of bomb attacks (2005), 77 people were killed when a right-wing extremist set off a bomb in the government center at Oslo and then opened fire on children and chaperones at a youth camp in Utøya, Norway (2011), and 95 people died when a series of magnitude 5.9-6.6 earthquakes struck Dingxi, China (2013). And 3 people died when a truck collided with a train in Studénka, Czech Republic (2015).


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