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An arsonist destroyed the Temple of Artemis in Ephesus, one of the Seven Wonders of the World, today (356 BCE). Also, 50,000 people died when a magnitude 8.0 earthquake on Crete triggered in Alexandria, Egypt (365), Qing Dynasty regent Dorgon ordered all Han Chinese men to shave their foreheads and braid their hair in the Manchu style (1645), the Ottoman Empire, Austria, and Venice signed the Treaty of Passarowitz (1718), Leopold I became Belgium’s first king (1831), Wild Bill Hickok killed Davis Tutt in Springfield, Missouri, in the first recorded western showdown duel (1865), workers in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania began a sympathy strike in support of the Great Railroad Strike (1877), Willis Carrier completed his design for the first air conditioner (1902), 88 people died when the passenger steamer SS Columbia sank after colliding with the steam schooner San Pedro off Shelter Cove, California 12 people died as the Wingfoot Air Express dirigible crashed into the Illinois Trust and Savings Building in Chicago (1919), Tennessee teacher John Scopes was convicted and fined $100 for teaching evolution (1925), the U.S. Senate ratified the North Atlantic Treaty (1949), Elijah “Pumpsie” Green became the first African-American to play for the Boston Red Sox, the last Major League Baseball team to integrate (1959), Egypt’s Aswan High Dam was completed (1970), Israeli Mossad agents killed a waiter in Lillehammer, Norway whom they falsely believed was involved in the Munich Olympics Massacre (1973), Vostok Station, Antarctica recorded a record low temperature of -128.6°F (1983), 11 people died in falls from an overcrowded walkway after a fireworks display on Okura Beach in Akashi, Hyōgo, Japan (2001), British closed-circuit TV cameras recorded four failed suicide bombers attempting to attack the London transportation system (2005), and the Space Shuttle Program ended with the landing of Atlantis after mission STS-135 (2011). And Erden Eruç completed the first solo human-powered circumnavigation of the earth (2012).


The Janitor Professor of Astrology did not ponder the final three days of the Tour de France while researching this week’s Bippiescopes….

Cancer: Don’t be a martyr this weekend. Unless it will help your team leader gain a few seconds.

Leo: There’s no time to waste this weekend. Especially not in tomorrow’s individual time trial.

Virgo: Reveal another layer of your being this weekend. Like, when your cycling suit tears after a fall.

Libra: Let recognition find you this weekend. Or go out in the breakaway.

Scorpio: Take a leap of faith this weekend. Bunny-hop over a curb.

Sagittarius: Stand with one foot in the past and one in the future this weekend. Or one on each pedal.

Capricorn: Lean into resistance this weekend. Or draft on a teammate to get out of the wind.

Aquarius: Focus on your mission this weekend. Your mission is probably to finish Sunday.

Pisces: Separate your thoughts from external noise this weekend. Good luck on those crowded roads.

Aries: Step into someone else’s shoes this weekend. Unless they’re already wearing them.

Taurus: Focus on the hopes of tomorrow this weekend. Think “Champs-Élysées.”

Gemini: Let down your guard and speak your mind this weekend. Unless you need a contract for next season.


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