When President Ford pardoned Nixon, saying the country needed to move on, I was disappointed. When Bush and Cheney were let off the hook for war crimes, I was disappointed. I have a new fantsy about Trump. (More)

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When all the illegal crapola about Trump, his family and his staff finally meets the light of day, here is my fantasy. It sustains me and I hope you’ll feel free to embellish it.

He and they should be incarcerated as befits their former status. We will use eminent domain to commandeer one of his golf courses for the purpose of incarcerating him and his cohorts in the style to which they have been acostumed. Say New Jersey or Mar-a-Lago. That is where they will spend their time. The wi-fi and internet connections will be cut off. Cell phones won’t work. They will all be incommunicado. The staff at their new prison will be paid a minimum of $15/hour should they choose to serve. The staff will all be undocumented immigrants and not in any way be forced to acknowledge his former status.

The tweeter in chief will not be able to comunicate in any way with the media. That may be the best part of my fantasy. A Trump blackout is my fondest wish.

Also incarcerated at whatever Trump property we the people take over would be Michael Flynn, Jared Kushner, Michael Pence, Paul Manafort, Steve Bannon, Kellyanne Conway and any one else who has lied to protect this cabal of anti-American, unconstitutional behaviors. This is my fantasy. If they have family members who escape conviction, they could always move into say Mar-a-Lago and bring the kids. These, after all are the people who tout home schooling and they will have lots of time on their hands.

As for their health care, they will get whatever version they passed or tried to pass for the rest of the American people. I assume that if they needed mental health services that none would be available to them. I assume that the essential benefits of the Affordable Care Act would no longer apply to them.

The odds of my fantasy becoming reality are very low yet it sustains me. I am not interested in “moving on.”


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