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Today a whole slew of polls showed the God-King is “historically unpopular,” in FiveThirtyEight’s deft phrase. A Washington Post/ABC News poll showed 58% of Americans disapprove of the God-King’s job performance, with 2/3rds not trusting him to negotiate well with other countries, especially Russia, and a 2:1 majority favoring Obamacare over the Wealthcare Act. A Monmouth University poll found 52% disapproval with 54% concerned that he is “too friendly” with Russia and 40% supporting impeachment, higher than the percentage calling for President Richard Nixon’s impeachment in 1973. A Des Moines Register/Mediacom Iowa poll found 52% of Iowans overall and 59% of independent Iowans disapprove of the God-King’s performance, although 90% of those who voted for him still support him. And CNN’s Chris Cillizza notes that 68% of Americans think the God-King’s tweets are “inappropriate,” 65% think they’re “insulting,” and 52% think they’re “dangerous” … all of which seem to be what the God-King’s voters want. Is Heather Digby Parton correct that “Trump let the raging right wing id out of the bottle, let it wail, made it fun, made it social, opened up a world in which they could all meet each other and share a communal space, free to let their freak flags fly unlike the greater world which circumscribes their true feelings?”


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