Trump’s FCC wants to trash net nuetrality. If you remember the days of dial up, you won’t like the slow lane. Petitions abound.(More)

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Here’s an email from my Senator, Al Franken. If you haven’t signed a petition yet, please sign his.

Today is Net Neutrality Day. For anyone who doesn’t know, net neutrality is the principle that the internet has always operated under. Everyone is equal, everyone is treated the same. Any business, from a huge corporation to a small mom-and-pop store in Minneapolis, has their content delivered the same.

The FCC under the Obama Administration put rules in place to protect net neutrality. When the Trump Administration took over, they were on a mission to destroy it.

And if we don’t take action, they may succeed.

So we’re going to take action — and we’re going to use the connective power of the internet to do it. Help us gather 120,000 signatures calling for the protection of net neutrality. Start with yours.

The FCC Chairman under President Trump once said we need to take a “weed whacker” to net neutrality.

The internet has always been a free and open platform. That’s part of what makes it such a great breeding ground for innovation and creativity. We can’t let the Trump Administration put service providers in the driver’s seat of the information superhighway.

Help protect net neutrality. Sign your name to our petition.



Al’s petition is here.


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