What is normal? I am sure that much of my life is normal. I am sure our president is not. I am sure most of the Republicans in congress are not either. (More)

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A normal day for me is to take my coffe down to the porch and use my iPad to check in. The morning bird song and a gentle breeze are a great start to my day. Then I come upstairs and begin the rest of my day taking care of my happy 10 month old granddaughter. Her smiles and belly laughs keep me sane. From learning patty cake to clapping for herself, she is a delight. I taught both of my son’s to clap for themselves when they were little. My belief was and still is that we don’t get enough applause and why not learn to clap for yourself. Maddie’s dad learning to water ski, dropped the handle to clap for himself when he finally got up for the first ime. I had to tell him that we’d be clapping for him and he should keep holding the handle.

A few other things in my life are normal. I have found a great local library. Unlike the Venezuelans, there is still toilet paper in the stores and a good selection of food. There is gas at the pumps and road construction almost everywhere. The grass keeps growing and needs to be mowed.

Politics is not normal in the sense of it that I had growing up. Everywhere I look politics is not normal. The Republicans grabs for power and strategies for restricting voting and disparaging the press are unAmerican. Fortunately others are tracking the tweet storms, lies and reversals of the president. I already have enough evidence to think he is not competent to do his job. I am wondering just how abnormal he has to get before we can salvage our country. I wonder what the haters and bullies he has unleashed will do then. I am much more afraid of the armed white supremacists than any foreign terrorists. They are after all, “my fellow Americans.” I wonder what normal is for them? Maybe they didn’t get enough applause as kids.


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