The God-Prince admitted he met a Putin-backed Russian lawyer to get dirt on Hillary Clinton…. (More)

“The claims of potentially helpful information were a pretext for the meeting”

The God-Prince’s latest non-denial denial is a pretty bare admission:

In a statement on Sunday, Donald Trump Jr. said he had met with the Russian lawyer at the request of an acquaintance. “After pleasantries were exchanged,” he said, “the woman stated that she had information that individuals connected to Russia were funding the Democratic National Committee and supporting Ms. Clinton. Her statements were vague, ambiguous and made no sense. No details or supporting information was provided or even offered. It quickly became clear that she had no meaningful information.”

He said she then turned the conversation to adoption of Russian children and the Magnitsky Act, an American law that blacklists suspected Russian human rights abusers. The law so enraged President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia that he retaliated by halting American adoptions of Russian children.

“It became clear to me that this was the true agenda all along and that the claims of potentially helpful information were a pretext for the meeting,” Mr. Trump said.

So let’s be clear: if the Putin-backed Russian lawyer actually had dirt on Clinton, the God-Prince might have cut a deal to repeal the Magnitsky Act and let Putin and his henchmen go back to murdering dissidents with impunity. But since she didn’t have any dirt on Clinton, there was no kid-pro-quo and it’s a “big yawn.”

Got it.

“Contemporary childless leaders, however ascendant they feel today, may be the last gasp of secularism”

Oh, and there’s a yuuuuge problem with European leaders, apart from their opposing the God-King. It may even explain why they won’t bow to his will. Namely, they’re not popping out babies, wails the Washington Examiner’s James McPherson:

This is not that notable in itself. After all, George Washington had no biological children. But across the continent Macron wants to bind closer together, there’s a stark pattern:

German Chancellor Angela Merkel also has no children. British prime minister Theresa May has no children. Italian prime minister Paolo Gentiloni has no children. Holland’s Mark Rutte has no children. Sweden’s Stefan Lofven has no biological children. Luxembourg’s Xavier Bettel has no children. Scotland’s Nicola Sturgeon has no children. Jean-Claude Juncker, president of the European Commission, has no children.

This is too remarkable to ignore. While Macron is young – 39 years old – the rest of Europe is being governed by childless Baby Boomers.

What selfish louts! Plus they don’t understand human nature:

One of the benefits of parenthood is the daily confrontation with free will – a human nature. Parents may have their child’s life, career, and happiness planned out, but a child has other ideas -constantly. Love, patience, teaching, negotiating, scolding – nurture – can help direct the child, but the overwhelming otherness of the child is undeniable. They are not blank slates upon whom the parent exercises his will.

Political leaders without this experience of parenthood may be susceptible to the idea that people are blank-slates, interchangeable units of human capital. As a parent and a teacher, I have seen many brilliant and well-meaning parents and colleagues crash their will and intellect against the rock of a child’s independent nature. Now, scale such a hubristic paternalism to a nation. Or a continent.

In other words, because parents can’t program every aspect of their children’s futures – although parental factors such as race, income, and neighborhood pretty much determine a child’s future – governments shouldn’t even try to implement policies to influences citizens’ behaviors. And that makes perfect sense, if you believe anything less than 100% is 0%.

The problem, you see, is secularism:

Contemporary childless leaders, however ascendant they feel today, may be the last gasp of secularism. The future is won by those who show up, and only the religiously orthodox are having children.

Those still swimming in the ancient streams of Faith and Culture in France will have the observant offspring of two rival religions living within the borders of one nation. The second Battle of Tours, (or Vienna, or Lepanto) might be extra bloody due to the policies of today, but the authors of those policies will not be around because they will be dead, and their offspring will not be around, because they do not exist.

The Founding Fathers of the United States established the Constitution to “secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity”, posterity being their offspring. Looking out for one’s posterity, having a long-term vision, is necessary for the good of society, according to Harvard Political Scientist James Wilson. Do childless political leaders have skin in the game long-term?

So writes a guy at a newspaper that routinely denies human-caused climate change, to criticize leaders who acknowledge it and want protect the earth for everyone’s children and grandchildren.

I wish I were joking.

“They have fear of the Final Solution that’s coming. They know it’s inevitable.”

Oh, and activist Linda Sarsour has a brilliant essay at the Washington Post:

This week, conservative media outlets took a speech I gave to the largest gathering of Muslims in America out of context and alleged that I had called for a violent “jihad” against the president. I did not. Sadly, this is not a new experience for me. Since the Women’s March on Washington, which I had the privilege of co-chairing with inspirational women from across the country, my family and I have received countless threats of physical violence. These ugly threats come from people who also spout anti-Muslim, xenophobic and white-supremacist beliefs. Their sole agenda is to silence and discredit me because I am an effective leader for progress, a Palestinian American and Brooklyn-born Muslim woman. In short, I am their worst nightmare.

Read the whole thing. It’s worth it.

“But when will Muslim leaders speak out against terrorism?” Well, actually:

Muslim leaders launched a European bus tour in Paris on Saturday to express opposition to terrorism in the name of Islam.

Under the banner “Muslims’ march against terrorism,” imams from around Europe and North Africa planned to visit sites of recent terrorist attacks, starting at the Champs Elysees and passing through Germany, Belgium and other parts of France over the next week.

“Our message is clear: Islam cannot be associated with these barbarians and these murders,” who kill in the name of Allah, said Hassen Chalghoumi, the imam of Drancy, France, according to Le Figaro. The initiative is the brainchild of Chalghoumi and Marek Halter, a French-Jewish writer and intellectual.

Yeah, well … warning, reader comments ahead:

Fear can make monkeys dance.
Dance monkeys, dance!
Because we’re coming for you.
And your children.
Until the earth is clean!

They have fear of the Final Solution that’s coming. They know it’s inevitable. They know it must be done. But the know too, that they’re on the wrong side of the equation.

We don’t forget,
We don’t forgive.
War is coming to you and when the dust settles down,
Not one of you will be left!

And don’t you dare call such readers “Nazis.” That would be hateful!

Unlike, you know, calling for the mass extermination of Muslims who publicly condemn terrorism. Which is just “common sense.”

I hate Monday. Just sayin’.


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