Fake news is nothing new but it sure seems to be increasing in outrageousness and frequency. Maggie Farley is a veteran journalist with a fun way to improve our ability to spot it. (More)

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Farley has created a game to help people improve their ability to detect fake news.

“Before, the biggest concern was, ‘Are people being confused by opinion; are people being tricked by spin?’ ” Now, Farley says, the stakes are much higher.

So one day she says an idea came to her: build a game to test users’ ability to detect fake news from real.

Voilà, Factitious. Give it a shot. (And take it from us, it’s not as easy as you might think!)

Soon, newsrooms, educators and organizations will be able to adapt the game to their own needs — it’s open source. Teachers can ask students to select news stories to input into the game as a way to challenge their classmates. Or, a newspaper might use it to gather data on readers’ perceptions of truthful content. The game also provides a way for players to suggest content they think should be included.

Here’s a direct link to the game. It’s fast and fun. If you are confused, you can click “Source” at the bottom of each entry and that may help you.

I really love people with ideas that at least try to solve a problem. Go Maggie!


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