Some people are hyper competitive. People who ask how to win before they ask themselves if they even want to play are hyper competitive. (More)

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Some people are competitive in one sport but play others just for fun. I am restricting my observations to sports although I think that the mentality of competition exists at work and in other games also. Some people like to play sports for the camaraderie.

What brought this topic to mind was attending my grandson’s lacrosse game with his dad, my son. My son was hyper competitive and a pretty good athlete. He was incredibly focused and persistent. He won two national championships in crew in the 4+. His wife has the same mentality. She played rugby in college.

My grandson likes lacrosse. He has made some new friends and says he enjoys the practices and the games. He is not particularly focused during the game and can be seen talking to a friend from the other team as the play surges around them.

My son is yelling from our seats on the sidelines. He’s not the only parent yelling so I kind of wonder if the kids don’t just tune them out. My son expressed his frustration to me wondering why he was carting his son around to practices and meets if he “didn’t give a shit.”

My reply was that he take a deep breath and realize that he and his son were just wired differently. I told the story of my youngest son in second grade soccer. I was his coach. He too had found a friend on the other team and they were chatting it up midfield. When I reminded him to follow the ball, he said,”Mom, we thought of that. That’s why we picked the middle. The ball always comes by here.”

People are different. The grandson is the most focused chess player and can beat his dad. I hope my son can relax and enjoy watching his son. Not everyone is wired to compete with the same passion, especially in second grade.


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