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Today the God-King launched a revolting Twitter assault on MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski, which the God-Queen defended despite her anti-bullying campaign, leaving even some conservatives flummoxed by the God-Queen’s hypocrisy. And while many Republicans criticized the God-King’s sexist tantrum, they’re using it as a Weapon of Mass Distraction to buy votes for the Senate Wealthcare Act with fillips like $4.5 billion a year to fight opioid abuse and letting people use Health Savings Accounts to pay for premiums, leaving the question: what would they use to pay skyrocketing deductibles? But Sen. Ted Cruz has a bizarre idea that could, maybe, result in a quasi-progressive bill, if Republicans were unicorns. Is the Wealthcare Act proving that the “liberal caricature of conservatism” is “not a caricature, but just … conservatism?”


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