Yesterday was the Minneapolis Pride Parade. Prior to the parade, the spokesperson for the parade had asked police not to march with them. (More)

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The reaction to the verdict acquitting the Falcon Heights (a St. Paul suburb) police officer Yanez of shooting Philando Castille was apparently at the heart of the request that the police not participate in the Pride Parade. Janee Harteau, the Minneapolis Chief of Police is a lesbian. She issued a statement and asked to meet with the Pride leaders. Apologies were made and the police were invited to participate.

The Star Tribune has an account of all the maneuvering. The end result was that the police, some in uniform participated. Harteau appeared in jeans and a t-shirt. The Black Lives Matter protestors staged intermittent protests along the parade route.

MPR has photos of the Black Lives Matter protestors. I was struck by the photo of a sign that said, “No Justice No Pride.” I have no idea what to think of that sign and the jumble of protests.

The news coverage showed members of Pride saying things like everyone has a right to protest. We’re cool. The parade went off well. I am personally struggling to figure out what I think of causes I believe in competing with each other. Is this what a big tent looks like? Is this what civil rights for all looks like? Is this what “stronger together” looks like? Good Grief! I seriously don’t know what to think.


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