Senator Elizabeth Warren spared no words in criticizing Republicans’ Welfare Act. (More)

“These cuts are blood money”

Senator Warren took to the floor to attack the GOP’s $1-trillion tax cut for the rich:

Talking Points Memo’s Matt Shuham has highlights:

“It is finally clear how the Republicans were spending their time locked in those back rooms,” Warren said from the Senate floor, referring to a weeks-long secretive, GOP-only drafting process. “Now we know the truth.”

“Senate Republicans weren’t making the House bill better,” Warren continued. “Nope, not one bit. Instead they were sitting around a conference room table dreaming up even meaner ways to kick dirt in the face of American people and take away their health insurance.”
Warren focused most of her remarks on Medicaid, to which Senate Republicans’ proposal would make even deeper cuts in the long term than House Republicans’ bill.

“All those tax cuts don’t come cheap,” Warren said. “They start to add up after a while. So Senate Republicans had to make a choice, how to pay for all those juicy tax cuts for their rich buddies. I’ll tell you how: Blood money.”

She added later: “Medicaid is the program in this country that provides health insurance to one in five Americans, to 30 million kids, to nearly two out of every three people in a nursing home. These cuts are blood money. People will die. Let’s be very clear. Senate Republicans are paying for tax cuts for the wealthy with American lives.”

She launched into examples of Americans affected by the cuts to Medicaid, including a senior living at home who would be unable to afford the help she needs to avoid moving into a nursing home, and a child born too early whose parents risk homelessness to pay for his care.

“Senate Republicans can wave their hands and say that everyone will be fine, but it is time for the rest of us to take a long, hard look at exactly what would happen to the people who have to live with the Republicans’ reckless cuts,” she said. “Senate Republicans know exactly what they are doing with this health care bill. Their values are on full display. If they want to trade the health insurance of millions of Americans for tax cuts for the rich, they better be ready for a fight. Because now that this shameful bill is out in the open, that’s exactly what they’re going to get.”

She’s right. Their values are on full display, and this bill would be blood money for the richest Americans. So of course wingnuts took to the fainting couch in a story headlined “A week after Scalise shooting, Elizabeth Warren dials up the violent rhetoric.”

Yes, really. That’s their idea of “violent rhetoric.” Note that Sen. Warren did not call for violence. She simply said what research has shown: that cutting health insurance for 23 million people will kill an average 25,000-50,000 Americans each year. And yesterday’s protest at the Capitol produced what should become iconic images for Republicans’ view of health care: cops dragging disabled Americans out of wheelchairs.

Thank you for speaking the truth, Senator Warren. And to the wingnut snowflakes whining about “violent rhetoric” … I’ll once again quote former Vice President Dick Cheney: “Go fuck yourselves.”


Photo Credit: Boston Globe via Getty Images


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