I feel like a displaced person, a refugee, who cannot return home because it is gone. I in no way would compare myself to people fleeing Syria or South Sudan. They are the real refugees. Still, I feel displaced. (More)

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If my home is not yet gone, it is disappearing into the history books to be rewritten by the people who have taken over. What happened to the nation I helped to fight to create?

What is happening to a woman’s right to control her own body? State after state restricts my rights. My body is 70 years old now. I am long past pregnancy. Still, I have 3 granddaughters. Should they not control their reproduction as I was able to? Should not their decisions be between them and their doctor?

Why is religion or politics even in this mix? What happened to the country I grew up in?

What about my right to health care? Given the way the Republicans are meeting in secret to reform health care, who is safe? I have Medicare, thanks to Democrats. If the Republicans strip back Medicaid expansion and coverage for pre-existing conditions, how many people will suffer and go bankrupt and/or die? Where did my country go? Do you get why I feel displaced?

In the place of the country I knew, I seem to be in a new land of endless lying. What happened to “truth?” When the lies are delivered loudly and repeatedly, is there even room for a whisper of truth? If I yelled my truth or tweeted it as often as the liar in chief, would anyone notice? I whisper this truth, this is not the country I grew up in or the country where I want to die. I am displaced.

In this new land, religion is a strange thing compared to what I grew up with. It has become a weapon of discrimination. It is not a call for peace and justice but a vehicle for driving hate. Is the god of love also homeless in this new state? See why I feel displaced?

How shall we speak to one another? Will we meet rage with rage and F bombs with the same? With tribalism and anger fully engaged, who will whisper of love and hope? Who will listen? This is no longer the country in which I grew up.

I whisper for tolerance. I whisper for inclusivity. I whisper for equality. I whisper for all the values being trashed in the name of greed. Pretty soon I may be yelling the same stuff. Will anyone ear my cries?


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